April 24, 2017 - TAG CLASS
Tire rules starting with OVKA Race #3 for 2017 will allow Bridgestone YLC and YLM tires. Each driver/entrant will be allowed six new sets for the remaining twelve races of the 2017 season. These tires will be marked and must be reused once the six new sets are used. You are free to manage your tire usage as you wish, but you will only be allowed six new sets for the remainder of the season.

93 octane fuel must be purchased at pump #1 at BP in Camden on race day. Leftover fuel from previous race days and fuel purchased from any other source may not pass technical inspection and will result in disqualification if it fails.

2016 helmet rules will be allowed through OVKA Race #4 for 2017. 2017 Helmet rules will be enforced beginning at OVKA Race #5 for 2017. If you’re helmet does not meet 2017 requirements at OVKA Race #5 for 2017, you will not be permitted to enter the event.

Special Thanks - 2017 Bill Board Rebuild Project

April 22, 2017 - The Bill Board rebuild project is done, OVKA would like to thank all who was able to come out and help in this endeavor. This was a very labor intensive project.

Below is the list of those who volunteered there time over the three long days to complete.

Rick Wagar who was involved from start to finish <--Thank you Rick, the history lessons were great.
Brent Warren who was a big help through out the job.
Christopher Pettit was also big help with his back ground and advice.

Once again Thank You to all who helped on this, it could not have happened with out you guys stepping up.

Demolition Crew
Reid Smith
Rick Coombs for equipment donated to tear it down.
Ray Mckibben

Friday 4/14 Crew
Rick Wagar
Frank Trudy .
Christopher Pettit
Jeffery Crutchleo
Ray Mckibben

Saturday 4/15 Crew
Rick Wagar
Christopher Pettit
Brent Warren
Brody Warren
Austin Williamson
Patrick Hagens
Ray Mckibben

Friday 4/21 Crew
Rick Wagar
Brent Warren
Ray Mckibben

Special thanks to Beavercreek Rental for the equipment.


Lee McCreedy can be contacted regarding information for ads spots on the new bill board.

Ray Mckibben

Announcement - Additional Billboard Work

April 20, 2017 - Billboard work to continue this Friday, April 21th. Work is planned to start around 10:30am and any additional help is greatly appreciated. Last week we were able to finish the main post and will continue this week with the cross members and finishing touches. The track may be closed for practice periodically throughout the day for safety reasons. Direct any questions to Ray McKibben.

April Board Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2017 - The April BOD minutes are now available. Click Here To View

View the Board Meeting Minutes page for more information.

Announcement - Billboard Work

April 12, 2017 - On Friday 4/14 at 10:30am work on replacing the trackside billboard will begin. Anybody wishing to help is welcome to attend. The track may be closed for practice periodically throughout the day for safety reasons. Direct any questions to Ray Mckibben.